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The f i r s t and the l a s t

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hella ensemble numbers: …exactly what it sounds like; twenty group/ensemble numbers from the west end and broadway

carrying the banner - newsies original broadway cast // raise you up/just be - kinky boots original broadway cast // notes/prima donna - the phantom of the opera original london cast // gold (acapella) - once original broadway cast // hosanna! - jesus christ superstar uk tour cast // lay all your love on me - mamma mia! movie cast // steal your rock and roll - memphis original broadway cast // one day more - les miserables movie cast // la vie boheme - rent movie cast // america - west side story new broadway cast // for now - avenue q original broadway cast // totally fucked - spring awakening original broadway cast // the heat is on in saigon - miss saigon original london cast // jet set - catch me if you can original broadway cast // cell block tango - chicago movie cast // tomorrow is a latter day - the book of mormon original broadway cast // light - next to normal original broadway cast // one vision - we will rock you original london cast // the stars look down - billy elliot original london cast // sister christian - rock of ages original broadway cast

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band of brothers — episode 7: the breaking point

-Shall I always be chosen? - she said bitterly. - Shall I always be left behind when the Riders depart, to mind the house while they win renown, and find food and beds when they return? […] All your words are but to say: you are a woman, and your part is in the house. But when the men have died in battle and honour, you have leave to be burned in the house, for the men will need it no more. But I am of the House of Eorl and not a serving-woman. I can ride and wield blade, and I do not fear either pain or death.

- What do you fear, lady? he asked. 

-A cage. - she said - To stay behind bars, until use and old age accept them, and all chance of doing great deeds is gone beyond recall or desire.

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But I will follow you into the dark.

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Day 5: A female platonic relationship in a musical
Christine Daaé and Meg Giry - Phantom of the Opera


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Absolutely stunning scene for character development for Fred and George. You can really see how they are older brothers.

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i’m like 10% stress and 90% band of brothers feelings

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get to know me meme[6/6] favorite on-stage actresses → samantha barks



if i was a famous celebrity i would video record me reading fanfiction of myself and post it


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