Oh, look at that. I’ve been impaled.

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favourite band of brothers characters

"[Renee] cheerfully accepted the Herculean task and worked without adequate rest or food […] changed dressings, fed patients unable to feed themselves, gave out medications, bathed and made the patients more comfortable […] her very presence among those wounded men seem to be an inspiration to those whose morale had declined from prolonged suffering.”

Malcolm Reynolds gives some good life advice

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everybody in les mis is a huge nerd pass it on

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mockingjay trailer came out today huh

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Anastasia Kolegova as Gulnara

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How to control your rowdy class: threaten them with Game of Thrones Season 5 spoilers

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Will: Ever try to pull that Davis cup thing on anyone else?
Annabeth: What Davis cup thing?
Josh: Leo used to tell these tall tales to test how gullible you were? Like how he played Davis cup tennis before he blew out his knee.
Will: How he hustled chess games in Washington Square Park.
Donna: How he was a train conductor.
Josh: Minor League baseball player.
Bartlet: If you were buying it the stories kept getting bigger and better.
C.J.: My favourite was how he almost made the Olympic luge team in 1962.
Annabeth: He didn’t make the luge team in 1962?”
Will:  There weren’t any Olympics in 1962
C.J.: Don’t worry about it. I made it all the way to Minor League baseball player.
Josh: Didn’t you think it was kinda weird that after he blew out his knee he played minor league baseball? 
Will: I made it to dance instructor.
Bartlet: No, no. That one was true. He taught me to fox-trot.
C.J.: Really?

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musical theatre female character meme: A tragic female character in a musical
» Éponine Thénardier (Les Misérables)

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        When school was dismissed Anne marched out with her red head held high. Gilbert Blythe tried to intercept her at the porch door. “I’m awfully sorry I made fun of your hair, Anne,” he whispered contritely. “Honest I am. Don’t be mad for keeps, now.”
        Anne swept by disdainfully, without look or sign of hearing. “Oh how could you, Anne?” breathed Diana as they went down the road half reproachfully, half admiringly.
        "I shall never forgive Gilbert Blythe," said Anne firmly. "And Mr. Phillips spelled my name without an ‘e,’ too. The iron has entered into my soul, Diana."


19 September, 1979

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